Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Weekend wrap-up

Saturday night my friend/co-worker Mike came over to watch the DVD from my jazz concert and to jam on some tunes. Singing and playing live music with friends is one of my favorite activities, but I do it far too infrequently. Mike brought over his guitar and I dusted off my bass (which had been sitting in the closet unplayed for three years, tragically). I pulled out all of my pop sheet music and we sang several tunes by Chicago, a mutual favorite, and I played and sang couple of Elton John numbers on the piano. boyziggy, despite feeling ill, made a tasty vegan pepperoni pizza and a "dessert pizza" with fruit.

I was so wired afterward that I didn't get to bed till 1, then couldn't fall asleep till 3 due to chest pains (nothing serious, probably indigestion). So I was not in good shape for the AIDS Walk, which I volunteered to film for my office. UCSF always has a large presence at the walk, and this year was no exception, with over 400 people signed up for the event. I had not done the walk for several years because I don't like fundraising and I rarely end up having a good time at the walk itself for various reasons. So I just gave money to my friend/former co-worker Jack, always a top fundraiser for UC, instead. But this year, the 20th anniversary of the walk, was to be Jack's last before he retired to SoCal, so I agreed to come do it with him. The filming was an afterthought, as I was going on vacation the next day and wouldn't be around to edit the video, but I got basic training for my web team member so he could do it in my absence.

I felt tired and cranky and didn't coordinate well with Sharon, who was writing the story and conducting the interviews. The walk started at 10:30 and by 12:30 we had only gotten to the first of three checkpoints for the 10K (6.2 miles). I was feeling bedraggled and sad that I couldn't stay together with my friends due to the needs of the video shoot and the large crowd size. Sharon ended up taking the equipment and cutting through the park to get back to the UCSF home base and finish up interviews before she had to leave. I rushed through the rest of the walk with Ziggy, hoping to get back myself before my friends/co-workers left. Fortunately they were still there at 2 when we finally returned, and there was even plenty of food left.

Of course the important thing is not how I felt the day of the walk, but the larger purpose. This year's AIDS Walk raised a record amount, over $3.7 million, which will benefit dozens of organizations. I also exceeded my personal goal of $300, and will be sending out an e-mail thanking my contributors. Hopefully the video and photos Sharon and I shot (with some help from Ziggy also) will appear on the UCSF home page sometime this week.

Now I am officially on vacation, and am relaxing with my biweekly home spa hair treatment: brown sugar scrub, followed by deep condition with almond oil for several hours, then a rinse with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Wednesday, Ziggy and I leave on our trip to Seattle, the San Juan Islands, and Vancouver. I'm looking forward to lots of photo opportunities and geocaching.
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