Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Seattle-Vancouver trip day 1

Ferry to Friday Harbor
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We took an early morning flight to Seattle, with comfortable though not fancy first-class accommodations; some turbulence but I slept through most of it. Had an hour of downtime in the red carpet lounge at the Seattle airport for which boyziggy had netted a couple of free passes. Were met by a van with a friendly driver (also a fellow vegetarian) who drove us the 100+ miles to Anacortes to meet the ferry to Friday Harbor. Driving up onto the ferry was a neat experience. I was impatient to start taking photos so took a lot before we even got to San Juan Island.

We arrived at Friday Harbor and got our rental car, drove to the Tower House B&B, which is picturesque and has friendly owners and lots of rabbits. Had a good meal at a hard-to-find Greek restaurant, then watched the sunset at Lime Kiln Point State Park. Failed to see any orcas despite standing at the designated whale-watching spot.

Had an excellent breakfast this morning with our fellow guests, a couple from New Jersey. The B&B owner provided vegan scones, and vegan shortbread cookies in our room (with a tin that plays a tune when you open it!), and Stash tea with soymilk.

Today we'll do lots of walking and some geocaching I expect. Tomorrow afternoon we take the ferry to Seattle.
Tags: photography, travel

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