Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Food foibles

I spent several hours in the kitchen today making three new recipes. The first two were from that Mediterranean vegan cookbook boyziggy gave me. The roasted garlic vinaigrette had too much fat (though I reduced the oil by half) and took too long to make for the small yield. It was OK but probably would have tasted better if I hadn't burned the garlic while roasting it. The marinated lentil salad was also time-consuming to make, and I won't know how it came out until tomorrow when I eat it for lunch. The chocolate pudding was the easiest and yummiest, a lighter recipe than the one I usually make as it had banana and less cocoa (actually it called for carob, but I find that to be a poor chocolate substitute).

All the time and expense it's taking to make healthy meals is getting me down. While I was in Santa Cruz this weekend paying $8 or so for my organic salad and chili, the Burger King down the street was selling triple cheeseburgers for $1.50. I think this country's priorities are seriously screwed up. How can people who have very limited income and time even attempt to have an organic vegan diet? I don't mean to sound elitist; I'm quite serious. A triple cheeseburger should not cost the same as a head of lettuce.

And then on the boardwalk we saw a stand selling deep fried Twinkies. Even for a junk food lover like me, that was just too nauseating to comprehend.

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