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San Juan Island - Seattle, Day 3

Seattle skyline
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Another fabulous vegan breakfast and we bid goodbye to our friendly and funny hosts at the Tower House B&B. We went to see cute alpaca on their farm; they seemed to be as hot as we were and mostly stayed under trees and tents in the shade. We thought that was a good idea, and did the same at a state park, while watching the calm water and kayakers. Then a trip downtown for another bite at that Syrian restaurant (mistakenly called it Greek before) and some shopping at the store for the lavender farm we'd visited previously.

We crowded onto the Victoria Express catamaran for the 4:30 trip to Seattle. I had had enough of sun and photo-taking and attempted to get some sleep. The crew kept making announcements of things to see along the way, and I finally roused to attempt some photos of bald eagles on one island we passed. I still stayed inside until we approached our destination; seeing the Seattle skyline was worth braving the wind for.

boyziggy who will not hesitate to take a cab under most circumstances suggested walking from the boat to our hotel, as it was just over a mile. That mile ended up being grueling in the hot weather, with the last four blocks uphill. Ironically we took a cab soon after to go to a vegetarian restaurant in the International/Chinatown area but walked back and got a nice view of the neat looking public library on the way.

I was last in Seattle nine years ago, on my honeymoon with my ex; we barely made it out of the convention hotel (we were attending Westercon 50). I hope to have a more varied and interesting experience this time around, though we're only here for a couple of days before taking the train to Vancouver.
Tags: photography, travel

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