Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Seattle-Vancouver trip day 4

Seattle skyline at dusk
Originally uploaded by funcrunch.
The blistering 95 degree heat limited our desire to do much exploring today. We started with a most excellent continental breakfast at the W hotel, featuring the freshest, sweetest grapefruit I'd ever tasted. Then on to Seattle Center and the Experience Music Project, which I'd been greatly anticipating. The monorail was down for maintenance so we walked, as the heat wasn't too terrible just yet.

There was a bit of confusion over the museum entry (shared with the Science Fiction Museum which we would visit later), but we got our interactive headphone sets and viewed exhibits about the history of the Seattle music scene, Jimi Hendrix, the guitar, and many others. I'm sure my friend Mike at work would love this place. They wouldn't allow any photos unfortunately. The weekend crowd prevented me from trying out most of the interactive exhibits, but they seemed more geared toward non-musicians anyway.

We took a free express bus to the downtown Pike St. Market area for a late lunch at a very tasty African restaurant, then went back to Seattle Center. The IMAX show was sold out so we went to the Science Fiction Museum. I enjoyed seeing books by my favorite authors, Le Guin and Bester, featured, and we enjoyed the displays of original costumes and props from sci-fi movies and television.

The heat by now was acutely painful - the halter top I hoped would help keep me cool was actually making my naked back feel like it was on fire - so we went back to the hotel for a couple of hours. The W is a funky place that seems like it's trying too hard to be hip, with darkened hallways and elevators and an almost disco feel to the lighting. But the amenities do not disappoint.

We had veggie hot dogs at a funky cafe, then picked up our rental car and drove to a good view of the skyline. boyziggy then went off to play laser tag - I was too tired to join him, especially as we're getting up at the crack of dawn to catch the train to Vancouver tomorrow.
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