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An Inconvenient Truth

boyziggy and I just got back from seeing this film in Vancouver. Belatedly on my part because, like Fahrenheit 911, I figured it would be preaching to the choir for me. Well, like that movie, I'm glad I went because I learned a lot, though I left with an even worse impression of the prevailing arrogant American attitude of "screw the planet" than I already had.

I don't know what if anything I can or should do to convince others to change, so I suppose I just need to keep the focus on minimizing my own environmental footprint. I've been vegetarian for over 14 years (the impact of meat production on the environment is almost never mentioned in mainstream coverage of global warming) and have never owned a car, but certainly there are many other ways I can address the issue. Helping make mass transit more feasible and attractive to people in the Bay Area may be one way I can help, by joining Rescue MUNI or similar. Vancouver certainly has us beat in that regard; we're planning a trip to the wildlife of the northern part of the city tomorrow, and can get there entirely by public transit without even having to pay separate fares.

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