Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Seattle-Vancouver trip day 8

Celebration of Light
Originally uploaded by funcrunch.
We eschewed the crappy hotel breakfast today in favor of a more upscale brunch in the West End. Vegan tempeh hash and pesto tofu scramble; much better than watery OJ and instant oatmeal. As we were close to Stanley Park we headed there and spent several hours walking along the seawall perimeter and through the woods in the interior. The park is quite impressive in size and for the fact that such a gem is walking distance from downtown. Not to mention the many young, fit, scantily clad individuals enjoying the sunny weather at the park's three beaches.

We went back to the hotel to rest for a couple of hours, then back to the beach for a fireworks competition, which boyziggy had tried to keep a surprise but I accidentally found out about it. The sheer number of people heading to this event was amazing; the main downtown street, Robson, was entirely taken over with pedestrians. We got there two hours early and were lucky to find a grassy spot by the side of the path. The 25 minute display from Italy was spectacular. I managed to get a few decent photos by using the Fireworks scene mode on my camera.

After the show, the thousands of spectators poured out of the park and back onto the streets. It was quite an overwhelming experience, walking at 11 p.m. on a weeknight with so many other people at once. The crowd didn't let up either; we walked for a good two miles back to the hotel and there were still people from the event following, though by then everyone had moved off the street back to the sidewalks. Quite an experience.
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