Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Seattle-Vancouver trip day 9

This morning we checked out of the Hampton Inn and took a cab to South Vancouver to the Manor Guest House B&B. boyziggy booked us the penthouse suite, which is basically a whole studio apartment, with full kitchen and balcony. We look forward to a tasty vegan breakfast in the morning.

Lots of walking today, much in hot weather through neighborhood streets to Queen Elizabeth Park for our first Canadian geocache. While there we stopped in the Bloedel Conservatory and enjoyed watching the birds. We also admired the lovely landscaping.

Much better luck with food in this part of town; in fact I am painfully full from our delicious Indian meal, followed by tea at a shop that featured hundreds of varieties for sale. Good lunch at a veggie restaurant in a local shopping center as well. Ziggy also picked up some dessert at a Lebanese veggie restaurant on the way home.

I played a bit with the mini-flexi-tripod we bought on this trip to try to get some night shots; mixed results. I really should learn how to use the manual settings on my camera, but for now I'm just using the different scene modes available, including "starry sky" which will hold the shutter open for 15 seconds or more.
Tags: geocaching, photography, travel

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