Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Week in review

Had great fun at karaoke Thursday night with Mike, several of his Blue Bear bandmates, and a couple of other current and former co-workers. I didn't try any new songs, and I wasn't in great voice as I didn't warm up properly, so had trouble with some of the high notes. But I did try a different ending for New York State of Mind, and did OK on Holding Back the Years and Have You Ever Seen the Rain.

Saturday I had a pretty good voice lesson, nearly reaching three octaves (low C to high Bb) in my warm-ups. I almost felt guilty about this as I hadn't practiced all week! I'm currently working on I'm Beginning to See the Light and Triste, and may start on 'Round Midnight later. My teacher Vicki is trying to put together a concert featuring her private students for sometime in October.

Saw a near-record three movies in one week, all rented: AI and Mars Attacks! with boyziggy (the latter he actually had not yet seen) and Brokeback Mountain with mikz (which neither Mik nor I had yet seen). Ziggy jokes that if I say I might like to see a movie that means that I might possibly put my headphones on if the movie is playing on an airplane some years after it comes out, which is not far from the truth.

But anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed AI, and wondered why it was not more popular at the time. It really made me think about issues of humanity and what makes us human. Yes the film was long, but I felt it needed to be, to thoroughly explore the issues, even if the third act came as a surprise when I was sure the movie was over.

Mars Attacks! was a guilty pleasure that I did see on first release, with my ex. Ziggy didn't care for it, but I thought the "Ack Ack Ack!" Martians were hilarious and it was funny to see all the big-name stars who agreed to be in this silliness.

Brokeback Mountain I didn't enjoy as much as I expected, but I think I want to see it again, because I was somewhat distracted at the time. I will say that Ziggy and I are fortunate to have a relationship and a community where same-sex and "extra-marital" relations are not only accepted, but encouraged. It breaks my heart that so many couples everywhere like those in this film are still not free to love each other fully.

Finally, I'm trying to drag myself away from computer games and exercise my creative muscles a bit. Mount Kilauea has been in the news lately, so I've been playing the song of the same name I wrote some twenty years ago; I need to finish the bridge part and tweak the lyrics, among other things. I also wrote a brief outline for a science fiction novel idea I came up with three years ago; I finally figured out a climax and ending that make sense.
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