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Love story

Five years ago today, I met my beloved boyziggy for the first time, at Anna's Bistro in downtown Berkeley. We had arranged the date after he answered my Craigslist personal ad, and found that we lived only a few blocks apart from each other. I sang regularly at Anna's open mics on Tuesdays then, and the location was conveniently near both of us, so it was a natural fit.

I arrived, he arrived. I sang "Witchcraft". We sat close together. Though we had exchanged a few e-mails prior to that date, I still feel I can say it was truly love at first sight.

Three years later we were married by zyxwvut. I sang Witchcraft again. But more importantly, we exchanged vows:

I, Julie, invite you, Ziggy, to be my soulmate,
my unending source of comfort and laughter,
my creative inspiration, my musical muse,
my partner in flesh, mind, and spirit,
my husband to have and hold and love forever.
Do you accept my invitation?

Luckily for me, he accepted. ;-)

Here's to many more years together, my love.

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