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Today I woke up smiling. I've been in an unusually good mood the last few days. boyziggy thinks it's probably a combination of my improved diet and the allergy meds I've been taking. I'm hoping it's the former, because I hate taking meds and hope to get off them as soon as possible (after consulting with a different doctor later this week). In any case, it's great to feel alive after a double whammy of deep depression followed by a bad cold kept me down for much of the last few weeks.

Saturday night I had an unexpected and very fun outing with my voice teacher blueclews, who I rarely get to see outside of my lessons due to our conflicting schedules. We dined and enjoyed live jazz music at Capurro's, a Fisherman's Wharf seafood and Italian restaurant where I had a very tasty spinach salad and one too many drinks (strawberry mojito, and hot chocolate with chambord - ahhhh). Walking there from home reminded me of when I used to jog over the Hyde Street hill to the end of the pier and back to the cable car turnaround, not so many months ago. Perhaps with my newfound energy, I can start doing that again. In any case, Vicki then invited me to the Gold Dust Lounge at Union Square, where her boyfriend was playing rock and roll. Definitely a fun place, though the setup of a bar directly surrounding the three musicians seemed a tad claustrophobic to me, at least from their perspective. I wisely avoided any more alcohol which is good as I ended up walking home rather than waiting for the all-elusive 27 bus in the Tenderloin.

Today I saw the Mime Troupe for the fourth or fifth time this summer, this time with my boss thomwatson and his partner in Dolores Park. (Ziggy was ill so couldn't join us.) The show was still very entertaining, and the crowd was really positive for their final Bay Area proper show of the season. They hope to take the same show on the road, specifically to the battleground states, next fall.

Also this weekend, I did a lot of cooking, some shopping and cleaning. All of which may sound mundane, but Ziggy's been doing the vast majority of these things, which was supposed to change when he went back to work at the opera but didn't due to my lethargy. Fortunately my boost in energy coincided with Ziggy working 14 hour days and getting ill (a rarity for him) to boot. I made no fewer than six recipes this long weekend, all of which I've had before but the point is that they're all healthy lowfat vegan meals that fill me up and give me more positive energy. I picnicked on potato salad and chickpea-cucumber salad at the Troupe today, and made some curried brown rice soup tonight which I'll bring with one of the salads for lunch tomorrow.

I'm hoping that with the healthy food and some additional exercise I can finally lose the weight that's steadily piled back on since the wedding, and ideally get all the way back to what I consider my healthiest weight of 125 pounds. Ziggy has been making much more progress toward health than I, making his own wheatgrass juice every morning while I eat cheese sandwiches and Coke and pop tarts from the vending machines. No more of that crap. I may not be ready to commit to 100% veganism or half-marathon training again right now, but I am certainly making steps back toward health.
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