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...may not be the answer to the meaning of life, but it is the number of minutes it took me to walk home today. Which is a good three minutes off my fastest time, and seven faster than my usual. According to Gmaps pedometer it's about 2.3 miles each way. And the walk is far more pleasant than taking the bus, so I really need to somehow force myself to get up early enough to walk to work every single morning - with or without boyziggy - and home every evening when I don't have an immediate after-work engagement scheduled. Along with Saturday's walk to and from Fort Mason (a slightly shorter and less hilly distance), hopefully that should be enough exercise, because I'm not feeling ready to start jogging again yet.

I'm celebrating with a lightly sweetened herbal iced tea, and once I catch my breath will have a Mexican salad - my own invention: a scoop of seasoned refried beans over lettuce, with tomatoes and scallions. (I'll skip the avocado and soy cheese this time.)
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