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Five for five

I walked to work every day this week! w00t! And I walked home also on three days, only taking the bus partway home Tuesday night as it was after midnight, and not walking tonight as I worked late and was offered a ride home from a co-worker.

I worked late because we launched an updated UCSF home page today. Actually my co-workers did almost all of the work; I just hung around to help update and test a couple of things and give moral support. I hope thomwatson wasn't too annoyed at my snarky comments. ;-)

I also edited and posted a video that I'm very happy with, the one I helped shoot Wednesday of the School of Nursing centennial celebration. Unfortunately the iPod version doesn't seem to work with my iPod (though it plays in iTunes), and the source files I need to re-export are back at the office. One more thing to fix.
Tags: fitness, work

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