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Sep. 22nd, 2006 07:40 pm TGIF

Joyous Mabon to those who celebrate the equinox. Though I'm not looking forward to the days getting shorter, I am appreciating the weather getting warmer. (Which would be ironic had I not 14 years to get used to Bay Area "summers".)

This week was physically and emotionally draining for me. Monday night I was up late for the Human League concert, which also involved a lot of standing around waiting followed by being surrounded by a lot of people in a loud, hot room for hours. On Tuesday, my boss thomwatson, our director, and myself interviewed the UCSF Chancellor for a podcast. That went smoothly, but then I spent a good hour trying to do something which should have taken five minutes: getting the office laptop to work on the wireless system for a new student fair to take place the next day. I succeeded only after several phone calls, web visits on a public kiosk to read outdated instructions, and much hair-pulling. Very stressful. At least Thom agreed to do the voiceover for the intro, which I think came out very well.

Wednesday, thomwatson and I returned to the main campus for the new student fair. He set up a very nice spread on our table while I got the laptop and monitor hooked up. Unfortunately we were stationed in a hallway with very poor wireless reception, requiring several minutes to load each web page. Fortunately our visitors didn't ask to do a lot of poking around on our sites. They trickled in at first, but within a half hour there was a virtual mob scene, and we were handing out pens, bookmarks, apples, and T-shirts as fast as we could. I escaped for a few minutes to take some more photos, but Thom kept going strong the entire time. People were even asking for more T-shirts as we were breaking the display down; we'd run out of them long ago.

Thursday we had a morning committee meeting, followed by a three-hour NERT training with less than an hour's break in-between. These marathon Thursday meetings will continue for awhile (the committee meeting only every other week at least). This week's NERT class was on first aid so we got to practice some triage skills on each other, which was slightly fun (I partnered with Mike - another reason I like sitting between him and Thom for these classes). Before, after, and in-between, I was downloading video footage and creating previews of another new student event that followed ours.

That evening, Thom, his partner Jeff, Mike, and I went to karaoke at The Mint. Thom didn't want to sing this time, but I did my old standby Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, and later When the Levee Breaks, which I'm considering for my classic rock class. The lyrics on the screen were the worst transcription job I've ever seen; the words looked like they were run through babelfish a couple of times. Fortunately I knew most of them already. I only got to see Mike sing once as I left earlier than usual.

I left early because I had found out that paisleychick and kragen were in town for a very short time, and Beatrice invited me to a gathering they were attending that evening. Since this was probably my last chance to see them for 2-3 years I didn't want to pass it up. We only met once, when mikz arranged for them to give me a ride to plymouth's party several months ago. But we had really good conversation, and I got on particularly well with kragen as we had a long time to talk on the ride there and at the party while waiting for Beatrice and Mik to arrive. So I was flattered that they remembered me, and very happy to get to see them once again.

I needed snuggles as a lot of little triggers had come up this week that threatened to send me back into full-blown depression; fortunately, I avoided that fate. I wish there were a way to get more hugs or other affection on a regular basis without feeling like I was asking too much of people. I guess I'm just a cuddleslut...

Today I didn't have any meetings or pressing deadlines, but I'm exhausted - napped at lunch and again not long after getting home. I did walk to work again every day this week however - go me - and home every day except last night (as I was in the Mission past 11 p.m.). So that's over 20 miles so far for the week, and I'll get in another 3 1/2 or so tomorrow walking to my voice lesson and back, and possibly more on Sunday if I don't veg out around the house all day. Tonight though, vegging is what I plan to do.

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Date:September 23rd, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
Probably the bad lyrics transcription didn't matter too much for the Led Zep song -- I never could understand anything Robert Plant was singing anyway :-) . In fact, looking at the lyrics here, I can see that I picked up maybe 25% of the words at most, and I probably listened to that album several dozen times in my wasted youth.

The problem with being a cuddleslut is that you can't get satisfaction via email or IM. I know about this all too well.
Date:September 23rd, 2006 11:37 pm (UTC)
so was the thursday night gathering the one at the house of eisenbud? He's a long-time friend of mine from before we both moved out here. K&B are very cool people who I was sad to see leave the area... I would have been there Thursday but I had gone up into the city to see them Tuesday and had another thing going on Thursday down in San Jose. And much as I like the city it's a lot of effort to get up there so when I have south bay options I usually choose those over city and east bay options.
Date:September 24th, 2006 01:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, that was the event (though I didn't know anyone else there). It's hard for me to get to the south bay (especially without a car) so I understand about not being able to come to SF more often.