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I've never considered myself to be a particularly skilled photographer, but I've always enjoyed taking photos. Lately, I've been getting more attention paid to them. The head of our office, in an attempt to liven up our dreary Dilbertesque cubicle maze, recently demanded that I, specifically, kick things off by decorating the outside of my cube wall. So I started with a few nature photos that I happened to have prints of sitting around at home:

Alta Plaza flower

Sand, sea, sky

Coronado sunset

Then I ordered some more prints from Flickr of San Francisco-specific subjects, and tacked them up when they arrived today:

Ziggy at War Memorial Opera House

Church door

Cable car trails

San Francisco Marina

I've gotten a number of compliments, including from a co-worker who has a sideline in professional photography, which makes me feel good.

Also, some photos I took at a recent new student fair (which I blogged about previously) and public safety fair are being featured this week in the spotlight section of our main web site, with a thumbnail image from each also on the UCSF home page. Although I did have a photo featured on the home page once before (for the the AIDS Walk), I feel good about finding more work-related uses for my hobby.
Tags: photography, work

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