Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Come out, come out, wherever you are

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. I am fortunate to work for a very queer-friendly employer in a very queer-friendly city. Our LGBT resources department sponsors an Out List of all UCSF-affiliated people who wish to be included, and publishes it each year in the student newspaper. This year, we had enough names to take up a full two-page ad - and the names are in pretty small type. Wow. I'm pleased that three of the names on the list come from my own office, including my boss and friend Thom and our associate vice chancellor.

My own coming-out story is not very exciting. I've been attracted to both men and women basically as long as I've had any libido at all. But I was always emotionally far more attracted to men. So I didn't tell anyone about my same-sex attraction until senior year of college (Northwestern, 1991), when the LGB group there had a campaign for National Coming Out Day. It was then I decided to start telling friends, and certain family members, that I was bi. Fortunately, I got very few negative reactions.

I'm painfully aware that not everyone has had as easy a time as I have. It still really, really bothers me that any sexual attraction or behavior between consenting adults should be questioned by anyone at all. As I've stated on my sex page and referred to more than once in my journal here:

I long for a world where we are not labelled by our sexual preference or marital status, but interact naturally and fluidly with our fellow humans, enjoying both physical and emotional pleasure without artificial boundaries imposed by society.
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