Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Lovely evenings

Two great nights out in a row this week, yay. Last night canis_fortuna introduced me to some gastronomic delights in the Castro, including sushi at Yokoso Nippon, aka "No Name Sushi" (great veggie variety at a decent price), gelato at Naia (yummy mango and authentic coconut), and tea at Samovar (delicious herbal blend including my favorite spice, cardamom). The warm day had given way to perfect evening walking weather, so we strolled the Castro, the Mission - viewing a gorgeous set of murals in an alley where I had never ventured - and a brief visit to the new shopping center at Powell and Market. It was great to get a taste of different parts of the city.

Tonight, Mike and I went to Bistro Yoffi in the Marina to hear Vicki sing jazz. We both enjoyed the Chestnut Street location, a neighborhood I only remember visiting once or twice previously. The music was delightful and the food rich and decadent - definitely not vegan, but worth the splurge. After, I wanted to walk for a bit but hopefully avoid the steep hill I took getting there; we ended up walking over an even longer hill, but it was worth it for the great views.

I've stopped bothering to count how many miles I walk each week, because I don't need the numbers for motivation anymore. I know I'm going to walk to work every day, barring illness, injury, or truly inclement weather like a thunderstorm, and I'm going to walk home every day that I don't have something immediately following (like my Monday band workshop - which I've walked part- or all the way home from a couple of times anyway). Today I covered over 8 1/2 miles, and that's not counting any incidental walking during the day at work, like my trip to Trader Joe's at lunch. I bought one of those clip-on pedometers once but never used it; I just look at Google Maps or Gmaps Pedometer to measure significant distances. Even though I'm not losing weight as fast as I'd like, at least I'm getting some aerobic fitness and hopefully building muscle as well (which weighs more than fat anyway).
Tags: concert, fitness

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