Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Happy Indian Summer

Golden Gate from Great Meadow
Originally uploaded by funcrunch.
When the sky is clear, this is the view I get every Saturday en route to my voice lesson. Do I live in a great city or what?!? (More photos from yesterday and today)

Another treat today was an afternoon visit to The Mint with Mike and his bandmate Rex. Showing up around 4, there were maybe eight people in the whole bar, and we just got to sing one song after another. I think I did five in under two hours, and could have fit in even more easily. All ones I hadn't tried there before too: Peg, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Breaking Us in Two, Let's Get Together, and Joy to the World.

There's a meteor shower supposedly happening between now (midnight) and dawn. But boyziggy has work at 8 a.m. and has already gone to bed, and I don't feel like shivering on the roof all alone, so I guess I'll skip it. Still, I've had several fun days in a row, and am feeling pretty good.
Tags: photography, singing

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