Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Musical bliss

I sang really well tonight.

At The Mint on Saturday afternoon, Mike mentioned that he really liked Stevie Wonder. So I sang You Are the Sunshine of My Life. Later I remembered that I'd really liked Overjoyed when I heard it back in high school. I found that it was in the old Mint catalog, so I took a gamble that they still had it, and practiced it for three days. Tonight when we went back to the Mint, I nailed it solid.

I also performed Elton John's Border Song, which I've played many times on piano but have rarely sung in front of others. Felt really good about that one too.

And Mike was actually so moved by my singing Joe Jackson's Breaking Us in Two Saturday, that he sang it himself tonight. Though I figured he was more moved by the lyrics than by my singing, he assured me I did it quite well, which also felt good - especially as I think it was the first time I'd ever sung that tune.
Tags: singing

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