Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Bittersweet Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite holiday; though dressing up and eating candy can be fun, I'm really not into all the goth-y and spooky and gross stuff, and I can't eat many goodies when I'm trying to stay vegan. I haven't even worn a costume in years, though my devil outfit from 2001 was pretty damn sexy I think.

However, I do look forward to our building's annual Halloween karaoke and costume contest. Though I've never worn a costume for it, I've always performed a song. So of course, this year I got a cold, followed by an extra-long rehearsal and extra exposure to night air, which resulted in me losing my voice almost completely by this morning. Feh.

As a silver lining, or rather a green one :-), thomwatson wore a beautiful Robin Hood costume which he mostly made himself. I strongly encouraged him to enter the costume contest, which he did, and won third place. Go Thom!

Unfortunately my voice is still not much better than a hoarse croak. Also, I came home to a package that signaled, or more accurately confirmed, the near-definite end to a 10-year friendship, which is a long convoluted story I'm not going to post even under friendslock. A bittersweet day.

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