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Signing and singing

saizai came over this weekend to share some American Sign Language videos with me and boyziggy. Afterward, he attempted to teach us some ASL. I learned the ASL alphabet when I was quite young, but can now only sign and recognize it very slowly, with too-frequent mistakes. And I never really learned any other signs. So the learning was frustrating, for me at least. But the education and some conversation about other topics gave me some food for thought.

I didn't sleep well, but my voice lesson was canceled (poor blueclews has laryngitis) so we had a fairly relaxed morning. I sang all the songs in my upcoming Blue Bear set, plus some from my previous (jazz) concert, while Sai interpreted the lyrics in ASL the best he could, which was fun. He also attempted to get all Iron Chef on the oatmeal I made for our lunch; I accepted the addition of peanut butter and a pinch of Indian curry spice, but balked at the suggestions of mustard and garlic.

Later in the afternoon I went to meet up with Mike and his friends at The Mint. I was too tired to try anything adventurous, so just stuck to the tried-and-true Holding Back the Years, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, and Abacab.

Speaking of singing, my Blue Bear concert date is set for Monday, December 11, 8 p.m. at Jelly's. This classic rock workshop, which Mike is also in (playing bass), is called Red Coal Carpet; bonus points if you can figure out where that name came from. More details about the concert to come closer to the date.
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