Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

More camera fun

My FZ50 purchase nearly paid for itself with the first macro shots I took of flowers still wet from the evening rain. This one seems to be the most popular so far:

Flowers after the rain

Meanwhile I noticed the buildings downtown are already decked out in festive lighting, so I had to drag out the tripod again to the same spot where last winter I took one of my best photos, which I'll likely never duplicate. Still, I experimented with the "night scenery" mode and several different ISO settings (also taking shots of the bridge from a few blocks away). The flip-down viewfinder was very helpful for seeing the shot when the camera was way over my head, and this time I heeded the suggestion to turn off the image stabilization while using the tripod.

And I had to get a shot of the silly Segway tour I see going by whenever I'm at Fort Mason for my voice lesson. :-)
Tags: photography

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