Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Various updates

In honor of World AIDS Day I'm wearing my Product (RED) T-shirt today; nice when buying something that supports a good cause also makes me look and feel sexy :-)

The cold is making walking to work and back more of a challenge, but I'm still doing it, and have lost 10 pounds since Labor Day. Currently hovering around 150; would still like to get to 125 or below though there's likely no way I'll meet that goal by my birthday (Feb 3) at this point.

Have been feeling depressed a lot but am hopeful I can get through it on my own. It's not weather-related, though the cold, rain, and darkness certainly haven't helped. Until they finally turned up the thermostat late yesterday, it was so cold in my office that me and a couple of co-workers were wearing coats indoors.

I've been working hard since my web programming co-worker quit a couple of weeks ago and his job hasn't been posted yet. In addition to taking on a couple of his projects, I recorded, edited, and posted eleven episodes for a new podcast in the last week. At least thomwatson's voice was pleasant to listen to for hours on end. :-)

One more band rehearsal to go before my show. I'm looking forward to it, but I don't think I'll take any classes next term other than my regular voice lessons. I was thinking of picking up my electric bass again (though it needs some work, I'm told it's a somewhat rare model), but I'm worried that learning another instrument would distract me from concentrating on voice, piano, and composition.

Attended a presentation on the Transbay Transit Center with mikz last night. Looks like an exciting and much-needed project, but it's going to take over 12 years to finish (and cost over $3 billion). It's embarrassing how far behind other countries we are in making better transit and more livable cities.

Had much tasty vegan food in the last week or so: boyziggy and I made hearty Thanksgiving fare which we shared with saizai; Ziggy, canis_fortuna and I also had very creative Japanese food at Cha-Ya in the Mission; and I had yummy dishes with Mik at Modern Tea in Hayes Valley following the transit meeting.
Tags: fitness, singing, work

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