Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

The power of music

Had some good musical listening experiences recently, which remind me how happy I am to have music play an important role in my life.

Saturday night I went to see Carmen at the San Francisco Opera. I'd told boyziggy as soon as I saw it on the schedule that it was the one opera I absolutely had to see this season. So of course by the time I got around to going, it was completely sold out. As I hung around impatiently in the standing room only area, I cursed myself for not having just bought a ticket with Ziggy's staff discount rather than hoping a free one would be available. But fortunately he was able to get me a seat at the last minute.

In any case, the music of Carmen is my favorite in all of opera. I fell in love with Itzhak Perlman's performance of Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy many years ago, and it is the instrumental versions of the many familiar themes that I most like. Not that the singing wasn't excellent as well, but to my mind the orchestra certainly deserved the most applause for this production. The sets were impressive in scale but I felt the overall color scheme was a bit drab for a show about gypsies and bullfighters. And there should have been more dancing! The leading lady was suitable and attractive enough for the role, swishing her skirts around to flash ample views of leg as befit her character, but for this music I think more actual dancers were called for. I was, however, impressed with the children's chorus, especially considering they had to wait around 3 hours in between their appearances at the very beginning and end of the event...

Sunday night I went to Berkeley to see obadiah play sitar and sing in his band Eclipse Trip. They were very entertaining and talented, performing a variety of styles, both original and cover tunes. They're playing again next Sunday night so still a chance to check them out. I put some photos on Flickr and also took a couple of short videos, but I'll let Cliff decide whether to link to those.

And finally, though much more minor in comparison, today at work I was stressing out over a difficult and high-priority project and getting more and more irritated that co-workers kept stopping right outside my cube to have loud conversations with each other. I finally put on my headphones, which I grow tired of wearing since they're often on when I'm walking to work or working on podcasts, but I needed distraction. I chose A Trick of the Tail by Genesis, and instant happiness ensued. A flip of the noise-cancellation switch, and the conversation faded to the background, my favorite band took center stage, and I could concentrate on my work again. It's the little things...
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